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Technically, the practice functions as a multi-disciplined unit of engineers and technicians from which project teams are formed according to expertise, experience, interest and client continuity.  This ensures a variety of work for individuals, broadens experience and avoids institutionalisation.  Each project team reports to a director in all matters.

We maintain a policy of mutual support across the divisions to ensure no loss of service to clients, and will continue this into the future.

 The principle of this practice is that all design projects, irrespective of size, are approached with the same philosophy.  This is best illustrated by our approach to Housing Projects.

We believe that properties should be considered to be people’s homes and not merely dwellings.  Each resident is therefore considered to be an individual client or employer to whom the practice provides a reasonable element of choice whilst maintaining a standardised approach.  This is achieved by a high level of resident consultation and participation.

A similar approach is adopted for non-housing and commercial projects where the building users are considered the residents.

Careful choice of equipment and materials ensure control of capital costs without loss of efficiency or ease of maintenance.  Furthermore, the building is considered without divorcing it from the services installations.  From this, the most appropriate package of works can be derived.  This approach benefits not only the end user, but also the nation by reducing energy consumption and has global implications due to reduced greenhouse gas emissions.

It need not be the case that the price to pay for this improved efficiency is complexity, for careful choice can result in installations that are simple to understand and use.

The achievement of a balanced blend of these aims does not mean that only “new build” techniques can be adopted.  Experience has shown us that it is possible to achieve an acceptable result by careful blending of new and existing.  This experience has been built up over a number of years by “hands-on” design and contract administration.

Considerate design cannot fail to also impact upon health and safety issues to the benefit of the installer, maintenance personnel and the user.

This developed approach has allowed easy incorporation into our procedures of the changes to the Building Regulations in respect of energy efficiency, conservation of fuel and power and electrical installations.

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